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Defining what we do is actually pretty simple. We are true renovators. We take old space and make it new. We take potential and make it reality. We help you create an environment that makes a statement about who you are as a company or organization. And we do it on time and on budget with exceedingly high standards for workmanship and professionalism.

Many potential clients come to us with only a vague idea of what they want to do with their space. Or, they may be considering an available space and want to discuss the possibilities. At OliverSperry Renovation, we can help you work through all available options, as well as evaluate the potential of a building or office you envision as your next business home.

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At OliverSperry Renovation & Commercial Construction, we understand that you have options when it comes to choosing a partner for a commercial renovation or construction project in Tallahassee and surrounding areas.  We also know that choosing the right company can be difficult, and choosing the wrong company can be disastrous.  So, to help you through the process, we have listed five things you should know about who we are and how we do business:

Our Focus
We have been solely focused on renovating and commercial construction since before it was cool.  It is all we do.

What Do You Need?
We realize you may not know exactly what you want or need from your new space.  We will help you figure it out, design it, plan it and build it – guiding you through the entire process.

What Will It Cost?
You will know what your project costs before we start.  Our transparent pricing model allows you to make decisions based on your budgets.

Samples of Our Work
Our record speaks for itself.  Check out our Featured Projects and you will see the range of our clients and the high standards against which we measure our work.

Commitment to Excellence
Our leadership team is experienced in the industry, active in the community and committed to excellence.  We believe that what we do is important to our community, and we are proud of that fact.

Ready to learn more about commercial rennovation or construction? Click on any of the page tabs above for more details about why you should consider OliverSperry Renovation & Commercial Construction for your renovation project.

For Your Project

Commercial Renovation & Construction

Feasibility Studies

Our feasibility studies allow customers to make better-educated decisions about what to do with their space. We provide custom preliminary interior and exterior designs, elevations and site plans, including information on building code reviews, potential land-use issues, cost projections and project budgets. In other words, you will get the whole story up front. Feasibility studies are an economical solution to help determine the path of a project, while providing a workable plan as well as predictability for codes and cost.  

Conceptual Design

Often included as part of the feasibility study, the conceptual design process allows us to fully understand our customers' needs for their business and develop a custom design to meet those needs.  In a conceptual design, we utilize our architects and interior designers to propose aesthetic changes to the exterior and interior of the building to improve its look and value.  It also includes a building inspection to ensure you have all the facts about the building before moving forward.

Building Assessment

No matter how good a building looks, there are too often unpleasant surprises lurking beneath the surface. At OliverSperry, we are state certified building inspectors, qualified to check for mold, mildew and lead paint. We also provide asbestos testing and remediation or removal of environmentally threatening materials, so you know it is done right. The personal health and welfare of those who will work in your building is always a top priority for us. And providing clients with all the information available to make good decisions is a hallmark of the way we do business.

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