Mission & Core Values

Mission Statement

OliverSperry Renovation is the leader in quality commercial renovation providing exceptional workmanship, extraordinary service and professional integrity through proactive commitment by our Team to exceed our clients' expectations.

Set yourself apart from the rest!

Core Values

OliverSperry Renovation is driven by a set of eight core values that define who we are as a company and establishes what you should expect from us as a client.


Personal responsibility for one’s actions with an awareness of how our actions impact our team, partners and customers.  Achieved by creating consistent and clear lines of Authority and Responsibility.


We are unwavering and true to our values. Providing honest leadership while being steadfast to our word and commitments.


Constant attention to every detail as the project proceeds reinforces our company’s reputation of a quality renovation firm.  High quality is an essential element of OliverSperry’s character.



Take into account the responsibilities of home and business life of all team members while assigning workloads.  In pursuit of perfection, weigh the benefits against the cost as it pertains to fairness, stability and the well-being of the company.


The artistic ability to deliver a unique solution, after understanding a customer’s needs, resources and limitations by transforming their vision into a marketable, functioning product.


We are problem solvers. We are good at understanding our customers’ desired results, budget limitations, physical constraints and regulatory requirements to deliver predictable results while overcoming obstacles in the process.


We take initiative to visualize and define the project ahead to mitigate and eliminate issues. We strive to use a systematic approach to pre-planning, gathering information, creating detailed roles and scopes and communicating clearly defined expectations.


We enhance our community by providing stewardship of relationships, local resources and exceeding regulatory expectations.  We feel an obligation to support our community through volunteerism, lending of expertise and financial resources.