Aloft Dog Hotel

A new special guest at the Tallahassee Aloft hotel

OliverSperry Renovation has partnered Leon County Humane Society and Aloft Tallahassee Downtown for a new Foster Home program for dogs!

We helped create a one-of-a-kind dog house for Aloft Hotel that was designed to be the “dog-hotel” version of their beautiful building. This hotel features a bed and is surrounded by glass siding (provided by Miller Glass) that will house a foster dog right in Aloft’s very lobby for all to see! We are excited to be able to help in such a great cause, with one of our city’s most well-known Hotels.

By Erin Lisch, WCTV

March 1, 2017

Watch the video here.

TALLAHASSEE, FL (WCTV) -- A big celebration on Wednesday for a special guest checking into the Aloft hotel in Tallahassee. Guests are checking in at the aloft hotel, the desk employee says, "Alright I have you on the seventh floor, elevators are straight ahead."

But now, when they pass the counter they'll see a mini hotel replica.

Inside is Penelope-- a 3-month-old shepherd mix; the Aloft hotel acting as her foster home. Working at Aloft and the foster mom of Penelope, Kara Byrd said, "We're lucky to have an amazing staff that loves animals as much as we do so I think it gives them something to look forward too."

And the staff, certainly do. Working at the front desk, Cady Delisle said, "She the other day slept on the desk for 2 hours while I checked people in so she's going to be a fun bud that I have here in the lobby."

The Leon County Humane Society says this gives a chance to free up a foster home as well as shine light on helping these animals

Leon County Humane Society's Lisa Glunt said, "The visibility that it will give to our program and especially the need that we have for new foster parents."