Bumble Bee Waxing

The Challenge

After purchasing space, the customer wanted to utilize all of it in the most efficient way. She also needed to remain in business while renovation took place. Due to it being a Spa, noise from construction needed to be at a minimum to non existent.

The Idea

OliverSperry completed the renovation while not interrupting her business and helped her utilize all spaces of her location. By adding 900sqft from the 2700sqft from property attached to it, OliverSperry was able to deliver the space that was needed. OliverSperry was also able to fulfill all building code updates and maneuver multiple tenants mechanical, electrical and water lines with no problems.

No matter what, OliverSperry rectified whatever challenges we came across and continued to be there as support when anything popped up. OliverSperry is committed to providing long-term support, not just during the project.

Amber Caplan, Owner

Entry way
Service Room
Service Room 2
Outside of Building
Waiting Area
Wide Shot